PAC 132 – The Illusory Rampart of State Sovereignty The Damaging Lack of Harmony of European Asylum Law

By Catherine Wihtol de Wenden. Translation: Lawrence Myers

In 2014, the EU received 625,000 asylum seekers, a figure not seen until then. Previously, the yearly number remained around 200,00 applications. In 2015, 300,000 people from around Europe (Libya, Syria, Iraq, the Horn of Africa) were forced to migrate due to the chaos facing their countries. Besides these facts, the drowning deaths of two thousand people at the borders of Europe are also deplored. Yet, the data continues to worsen. Between 2000 and 2015, an estimated 30,000 people perished in the Mediterranean. The overall number since 1990 stands at 40,000. At the same time, Angela Merkel’s speech in September 2015 was an unprecedented turning point. The German Chancellor announced that Germany was ready to host 800,000 asylum seekers in the coming months.

PAC 125 – The Mediterranean, Laboratory of Turbulence Migrant Shipwrecks

By Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
Translation: Lawrence Myers
Passage au crible n° 125
The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 were the setting for new migratory catastrophes in the Mediterranean. In the South of the peninsula, the Italian coast guard intercepted two cargo ships, abandoned by the smugglers who had chartered them.

PAC 10 – Towards a World Governance of Migrations The Global Forum on Migrations and Development (Athens, November, 2009)

By Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
Passage au crible n°10
During the first week of November 2009, the 3rd Global Forum on Migration and development took place in Athens, after Brussels in 2007 and Manila in 2008, on the same topic. It means a project of World Governance of Migration, associating departure and arrival countries, IGOs, NGOs, associations, trade unions, employers…