Gouverner le climat? Vingt ans de négociations internationales Aykut Stefan A., Dahan Amy.  Paris, Presses de Sciences Po

A few months before the COP 21, the book by S. Aykut and A. Dahan offers readers valuable insights into the issues related to climate change negotiations.
In clear yet dense language, this manual retraces each and every steps of the construction of the climate regime, since the first warning signs until the Copenhagen Summit…

PAC 127 – Socio-political Asymmetry of Economic Cooperation The Dominate Position of Chinese Firms in Algeria

By Moustafa Benberrah
Translation: Lawrence Myers
On April 16, 2015, the city of Constantine was declared the capital of Arab culture for one calendar year. During this time, Constantine will welcome theatrical plays, festivals, symposiums, exhibitions, etc. A budget of seven billion dinars (700 million dollars) is earmarked for the organization of this event. For the occasion, the Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal has initiated several large projects including a cultural hub comprised of a cultural center, an urban library, a museum and galleries, alongside an art and history museum, an exhibition center and a 3,000-seat performance hall…

Charles-Philippe David, Au sein de la Maison-Blanche, De Truman à Obama De Truman à Obama, la formulation (imprévisible) de la politique étrangère des Etats-Unis

Charles Philippe David, Au sein de la Maison-Blanche, De Truman à Obama, la formulation (imprévisible) de la politique étrangère des Etats-Unis, Paris, Presses de Sc Po.
Author of nearly 30 books in French and English and sometimes translated into other languages (Mandarin, Spanish, etc.), Charles-Philippe David, has published noteworthy books on peace, war, strategy, security questions and American politics…

PAC 16 – A Foreign Policy between Innovation and Procrastination The European Union Summit of 11th February 2010

By Elsa Tulmets
Passage au crible n°16
After the failure of the Copenhagen climate conference in December 2009, the new president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, summoned the representatives of the member states of the EU (European Union) to a special summit on 11th February 2010, a summit devoted to boosting the economy. This was the first publicized event…