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Gouverner le climat? Vingt ans de négociations internationales Aykut Stefan A., Dahan Amy.  Paris, Presses de Sciences Po

A few months before the COP21, the book by S. Aykut and A. Dahan offers readers valuable insights into the issues related to climate change negotiations.
In clear yet dense language, this manual retraces each and every steps of the construction of the climate regime, since the first warning signs until the Copenhagen Summit. The reader will discover the leading role played by the United States, both in the scientific field and concerning the formulation of policy linked to the problem. The meticulous explanation of the struggles to provide an appropriate framework will particularly allow for understanding of the persistence of numerous disagreements.
In light of the obvious failure of attempts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the authors question the reasons for such inefficiency. Indeed, it results from the gap that has been progressively growing between a “process of governance by the UN [ …] and furthermore, a reality punctuated by the bitter struggle for access to resources [..] and fossil energy”.

Aykut Stefan A., Dahan Amy, Gouverner le climat ? Vingt ans de négociations internationales, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, 2014, 749 pages including an 83-page bibliography, a list of acronyms as well as an index of graphs and tables.