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Francophone publications: summary notes 

The TEM section – as Théories En Marche1 and Tout en Mille caractères2 – aims at presenting an overall view of French research publications on sociology and international relations. It does not consist in critical commentaries. The texts produced will aim at giving full account of French research’s vitality for our visitors, whether they are French or not. Therefore, each TEM translated in several languages.

Each forthcoming note will be structured and put in perspective with a presentation of the author and what he is addressing to in his book.

1. Theories in motion
2. All-you-need-to-know in one thousand characters


Gouverner le climat? Vingt ans de négociations internationales Aykut Stefan A., Dahan Amy.  Paris, Presses de Sciences Po

A few months before the COP 21, the book by S. Aykut and A. Dahan offers readers valuable insights into the issues related to climate change negotiations.
In clear yet dense language, this manual retraces each and every steps of the construction of the climate regime, since the first warning signs until the Copenhagen Summit…

Charles-Philippe David, Au sein de la Maison-Blanche, De Truman à Obama De Truman à Obama, la formulation (imprévisible) de la politique étrangère des Etats-Unis

Charles Philippe David, Au sein de la Maison-Blanche, De Truman à Obama, la formulation (imprévisible) de la politique étrangère des Etats-Unis, Paris, Presses de Sc Po.
Author of nearly 30 books in French and English and sometimes translated into other languages (Mandarin, Spanish, etc.), Charles-Philippe David, has published noteworthy books on peace, war, strategy, security questions and American politics…

Le Système politique chinois Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po

Renowned specialist on China, Jean-Pierre Cabestan delivers a complete summary of the Chinese political system, which fills a major void. Indeed, in the last 20 years, no French work has treated this subject, even though China has undergone unprecedented socioeconomic upheavals. Right away, this publication appears to be an indispensable work for any researcher in IR, no matter the area of study, given the pre-eminent role played by the Chinese power on the world stage. The outline proves to be as simple as it is instructional: the author devotes his first section to institutions and his second to society. This allows for a better understanding of the domination of a communist party 85 million members and 10 million executives strong. Then, he analyses the challenges confronting the country: systematic corruption, significant social inequality, diverse ethnic claims, and the hindered emergence of a civil society. Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Le Système politique chinois, un nouvel équilibre autoritaire, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, 2014, 708 pages, including 43 pages of annexes, classified bibliography, general index and index of...

La Modernité insécurisée, anthropologie des conséquences de la mondialisation Charlotte Bréda, Marie Deridder, Pierre-Joseph Laurent (Éds.), Paris, L’Harmattan

This collective and interdisciplinary work treats the reformulation of social and cultural fabrics brought about by globalization. It also underscores the transformations of the living environment and the methods of securing populations. It has a five-part structure. The first analyzes the consequences of the process of globalization, on societies marked until now by a traditional lifestyle. The second is about the social effects of climate change. The third, centered on the shifts that interfere with peoples’ daily lives, underlines the social inventiveness of these individuals. The fourth addresses the reformulation of the relations between states and their institutions. Finally, this book dwells shortly on the transformations of the imagination. In doing so, it examines the ruses of identity put into place by populations to symbolize space and time, while these two dimensions are irreversibly distended. Bréda Charlotte, Deridder Marie, Laurent Pierre-Joseph (Éds.), La Modernité insécurisée, anthropologie des conséquences de la mondialisation, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2013, 467...

Géopolitique de l’Arctique Thierry Garcin, Paris, Economica

Giving priority to a multidisciplinary approach, the author clearly shows that global warming confers a new dimension of international politics on the arctic world. Certainly, shipping routes still seem far from permanent. But, still freshly etched out, they are already leading to concerns which are upsetting State relations. It is a question of five neighboring countries – Canada, Denmark, the United States, Norway, and Russia – and wherever there is a question of China or the European Union, the wealth of the fishing industry and raw materials arouses serious tensions. As for the exponential growth in tourism, this sector presents an equally serious case. Thierry Garcin does not limit himself to an inter-state analysis. He also discusses non-state figures while putting the situation of native populations into perspective. In the future, one will have to expect this “overlay of cultures” to rise about thirty. Thierry Garcin, Géopolitique de l’Arctique, Paris, Economica, 2013, 186 p., [Bibliography and analytical index. This work also contains 16 maps and 20 boxed...

Traité de relations internationales Thierry Balzacq, Frédéric Ramel, Paris, Presses de SciencesPo

Those responsible for this authoritative publication have brought together nearly sixty contributing writers in order to fill a flagrant absence. Until now, there has been no defining work on International Relations for the French-speaking world. From now on, this ambitious and exhaustive work will remedy that problem. Appropriately refusing to abandon this discipline to the Anglo-Saxon world, which has dominated the IR scene for more than a century, the authors leave nothing out as they paint a complete panorama of all there is to know on this subject. Accommodating both scholarship and simplicity, the authors underscore a research-based approach, analyze the different fields which make up IR and consider how to spread this knowledge while maintaining a concern for both expertise and pedagogy. Already this multi-author brainchild reveals itself to be an indispensable tool for a large readership of students, researchers, politicians, and diplomats lest we leave out the enlightened reader who will find in this resource a way to think about the world. Thierry Balzacq, Frédéric Ramel, Traité de relations internationales, Paris, Presses de SciencesPo, Date, 1228 p., [In addition, this work contains maps, boxed text, graphics and charts as well as an...

Viols en temps de guerre Raphaëlle Branche, Fabrice Virgili, Paris, Payot

This collective work takes an interdisciplinary approach by bringing together the contributions of anthropologists, historians, legal experts, political scientists, and sociologists. The analyzed cases of rape refer to numerous countries like Bangladesh, Columbia or the Republic of the Congo. It also talks about numerous conflicts: the two World Wars as well as local confrontations such as the Greek Civil War or the clash that opposed private militias and Maoist guerrillas in Bihar. This collective body of research underlines an object all too often neglected by the social sciences. It has indeed remained marginalized in the academic field and on the battlefield. However, rape constitutes a weapon of mass terror with regards to civilian populations. It is a question of a crime occupying a central place in wars even though by and large it has been explicitly outlawed by civil and military penal codes since the beginning of the modern era. Raphaëlle Branche, Fabrice Virigili, Viols en temps de guerre, Paris, Payot, 2013, 359...

Le Droit d’émigrer Catherine Wihtol de Wenden, Paris, CNRS Éditions

The author, a recognized migration specialist for many years, points out in this booklet a paradox: while the goods, capital and information travels freely, yet, individuals do not all have the right to the international mobility. That is to say, that this very issue discussed here concerns all countries, especially the European states. Indeed, some of them are now experiencing a rise of xenophobia and nationalism that often triumph in the polls. In front of this situation, Catherine Withol de Wenden declares the need to establish an international right of migrants as an urgency and “an essential aspect of human development”. For this political scientist, this would of course mean that we initially define a “soil less and de-territorialized citizenship” to protect them who were about 240 million in 2013 making only 3.1 % of the world population. Catherine Wihtol de Wenden, Le Droit d’émigrer, Paris, CNRS Éditions, 2013, 58 p.,...

L’Attraction mondiale Frédéric Ramel, Paris, Presses de Sc. Po

By combining the analysis of international relations with political philosophy, the author believes a political unification movement has been permeating the world stage. Yet, reasons of this historic turning point still have to be identified. Do closer ties between States explain it? What kind of institutional form does it take: justice, peace? In order to answer to these questions, F. Ramel has been working on the main currents of thought in order to stress their singularities. It allows the reader to take hold of current controversies, wisely. Yet, whether the latter deals with the conflict between cosmopolitism and communitarianism, whether the perspective of a coming destruction of the environment is acknowledged or whether we give humanity a new status, the multi-secular tension between the universal and the particular always win. Frédéric Ramel, L’Attraction mondiale, Paris, Presses de Sc. Po, 2013, 287 p., including 24 p. of references and...

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