Canada’s Resource Curse: Too Much of a Good Thing

Par Daniel Drache
Canada has been both blessed and cursed by its vast resource wealth. Immense resource riches sends the wrong message to the political class that thinking and planning for tomorrow is unnecessary when record high global prices drive economic development at a frenetic pace. Short-termism…

La planète migratoire et les métissages

Par Catherine W. De Wenden
En ce début du vingt et unième siècle, le monde est entré en migration. Jamais la mondialisation des flux migratoires n’a atteint une telle ampleur. Avec 214 millions de migrants internationaux selon le rapport sur la population de 2009 des Nations Unies, les migrations ont triplé en trente ans et presque toutes…

The Paradox of Anti-americanism: Reflection on the Shallow Concept of Soft Power

Par Alexandre Bohas
This article deals with the seeming paradox of a lasting American power and a global anti-americanism, which brings into question the relevance of the concept of soft power. Indeed, discontent over the current hegemon does not affect the consumption of its goods and the diffusion of its symbols…

Multi-Nodal Politics: Globalisation is What Actors Make of it

Par Philip G. Cerny
What has been traditionally conceptualised as ‘the international’ has been undergoing a fundamental transformation in recent decades, usually called ‘globalisation’. Globalisation is a highly contested concept, and even among those who accept that some sort of globalisation process is occurring…


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