IR Cinema

Accommodating cinematic points of references and socio-political framing, this section is principally centered on two types of films:

On the one hand, classics, must-sees, in other words, the pillars of world film heritage.

On the other hand, unknown works that Chaos International intends to bring to the attention of the largest audience possible.

Of a short duration, all the audio files fall under the same logic, the same governing principle. With each one, it is a question of analyzing the interlinking between the individual and the social factor in concreto in order to show to what extent the characters psychically incorporate IR. Neither a simple context, which would be exterior to these points of reference, and even less a décor more or less picturesque, the international lies in fact in each of us and pertains to our physic economy.

It is the wealth of cinema that gives a glimpse of this invisible progression that molds our identities, and it’s the whole mission of IR Cinema to seek to restore the essential. 


Chaos TV

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